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Highland Piper

Highland Piper
Address: 2a Warriston Crescent
Town: Edinburgh
County: Midlothian
Postcode: EH3 5LA
Country: Scotland
Telephone: 0131 556 4342
Email: info@highlandpiper.org
Website: http://www.highlandpiper.org/

Following a career as a Piper in the British Army, the Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band and, upon amalgamation, the Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band which spanned a period of thirty years, I accepted a position as Head of Bagpipe Studies with The Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces.  Since completion of my contract in the Middle East, I have been involved in teaching individual students from The National Piping Centre as well as the Pipe Corps of the University of Edinburgh Officer Training Corps and Colinton and Currie Pipe Band.

I play full size Scottish Highland bagpipes which were made for me in 1964 by Pipe Major Donald McLeod, who at that time was employed by Grainger & Campbell at their shop in Glasgow. I wear full Highland dress and can offer the choice of the following tartans: Ancient Red Mackintosh (muted colours), Royal Stewart (red) and Gordon (green) kilt and full plaid, rifle green high collared doublet, white horsehair sporran with black tails, Glengarry bonnet with blackcock feather, diced hose and buckled shoes. Contingent on weather conditions, during the summer months I frequently wear a white doublet with any of the above tartans. This dress is very traditional and is based on the uniform of all Scottish Military Pipe Bands.

y piping career, my gallery features pictures from various piping events I have been involved in, with some more information on them. The links section features other musicians and companies with whom I work regularly. Services details the possible functions which may be required of a bagpiper, and what I offer at these events. The rest is fairly self-explanatory.